Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What to Do with Old Playing Cards

If your family is like mine then somewhere in your house there is a junk drawer. Dig in the junk drawer and you are likely to find playing cards, game cards and sometimes scattered game pieces-- but not quite a full set. Ugh. What can you do with an incomplete set of cards? Make gifts of course!

Here are some ideas on how to upcycle old playing cards:
1. Use the cards as cover and back page of
a  homemade 3x5 notebook (you can make the notebook with or without dividers).
2. Select a playing card or two to use as part of a decoupage to make a holiday card.
3. Punch a hold in the cards and tie on a string to create decorative string tags.
4. Cut and laminate to create a bookmark.

Use Cards to Make Pins or Magnets
There are a number of ways to use card to make jewelry. Here are some different  methods:
1. Cut up a card or two into interesting shapes, poke a hole in the top and use as paper charm for earrings or a pendant.
2. Cut the card and paste it into a bottle cap and then fill the bottle cap with resin until the resin domes.
3. Cut up a card and paste the card to the back of glass to make a pendant.  Glue on a pendant bail to complete.
4. Cut up a card and paste it to the back of a scrabble tile. Seal with Mod Podge glue and add a finding.
5.  Paste a cut up card to the back of a poker chip. Seal with Mod Podge glue or fill with resin to complete the look. Add findings.

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