Monday, November 23, 2009

Upcycle: Make Christmas Decorations

Christmas is around the corner and its time to deck the halls. You can use found objects in your trash or recycling can to make great, colorful decorations.

Use bottle caps to make your own garland or add a new Christmas tree decoration made from a bottle cap.

Enjoy the holiday season. Grab your kids and turn trash into holiday decorations. Remember, getting ready can be half the fun. Click this links below for free tutorials:


Christmas tree ornament

Chanukah Craft Projects for Kids

Looking for Chanukah projects for your kids? Upcycle. Collect some old scrap wood or recover some old, worn no longer loved building blocks that were abandoned in the bottom of the toy box. Consider turning these found items into a simple Chanukah Menorah or Channukia. Turn your trash into a treasure. Make a Chanukah Menorah or Channukia out of scrap wood or blocks.

Already have a menorah? You and your kids can make your own dreidel from wood or polymer clay. Sing the "dreidel, dreidel" song. Bring the song to life. Make a traditional dreidel with a modern form of clay. Make a dreidel from polymer clay.

Make Your Own Dreidel

Dreidel, dreidel, can make it out of clay; but remember, there are lots of ways to make a dreidel. We posted three tutorials showing three different ways to make a dreidel. Click on the links below to learn how to make your own dreidel out of:
* wood
* polymer clay and
* metal clay (such as PMC, Art Clay Silver, Bronze Clay or Copper Clay).

Happy Chanukah!

Turn Recycling into Treasured Gifts

Save Money. Save the Environment. Make someone smile.

If you look through your recycling bin you can find a lot of raw materials to make striking jewelry and crafts to use or give away as gifts for the holidays. Click on the links in this entry and you will find some of our tutorials.

You can make old expired credit cards, gift cards, hotel keys and membership cards into a striking bracelet or earrings.

Cut up the plastic from brightly colored bottles from many household products of all types and make stunning charms that you can use to make a pendant, earrings, bracelet, necklace or key chain.

Bottles & Cans
Save the corks from your wine bottles and make them into delightful charms for earrings, a pendant or a necklace. Or melt the wine bottle itself and turn an old, empty bottle into a cheese platter or earrings.

Gather the pop tops from soda cans and weave them into a designer bracelet like the one made popular by Kristen Stewart, the movie star who plays Bella in the Twilight series.

Take an old, orphan wine glass and create a work of art by painting the glass. If you are not into wine, then paint an old glass bottle, jar or flower vase and use it to hold home made bath salts for a personal gift that will turn a bathroom into a private spa.

Make a ring from an old spoon or a bracelet from old knitting needles.

Computer keyboards, computer circuit boards, old vacuum tubes, abandoned bicycle chains and scrap and paper wood can all can all be pulled apart and used to make interesting jewelry.

Be creative. Upcycle for the holidays.

Make Gifts from Old Records

Save money. Save the environment. Make someone smile.

Old, scratched vinyl records are great raw materials for jewelry making and crafts. Hand made gifts add extra sparkle to your holiday celebration. Check out our tutorials by clicking the links below and learn how to take an old, scratched, worn out LP record destined for the trash can and turn it into hand made jewelry:

Cuff Bracelet

Not into jewelry? You can use your old records and turn them into useful household items that will also make nice gifts. Here is how:


Upcycle for the holidays.

Make Gifts from Bottle Caps

Save money. Save the environment. Make someone smile.

Bottle caps come in a variety or shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Rather than throw bottle caps in the trash, you can upcycle the bottle caps from beer, soda, water and other bottles to make spectacular gifts. The limit is your imagination, but you can use bottle caps to make unique, personalized jewelry and gift. To get you started following is a list of tutorials using bottle caps:

* Earrings
* Necklace
* Pendant
* Bracelet
* Ring
* Pin
* Cufflinks
* Tie tack or lapel pin
* Photo magnet
* Key Chain
* Christmas tree ornament
* Christmas garland

Decide what project you want to make. Collect your bottle caps as you use the bottles of soda, water, milk, juice, beer or any other household item. Rather than dispose of the bottle caps in the recycling can, wash them and place them in a bag designated for craft projects.

Depending on how you design your projects, you can show off your favorite product or hide the fact that the item ever began as a bottle cap. So use your imagination and take advantage or your jewelry making and crafts skills to turn your bottle caps into hand made, wearable or usable works of art.