Monday, November 23, 2009

Make Gifts from Bottle Caps

Save money. Save the environment. Make someone smile.

Bottle caps come in a variety or shapes, sizes, colors and materials. Rather than throw bottle caps in the trash, you can upcycle the bottle caps from beer, soda, water and other bottles to make spectacular gifts. The limit is your imagination, but you can use bottle caps to make unique, personalized jewelry and gift. To get you started following is a list of tutorials using bottle caps:

* Earrings
* Necklace
* Pendant
* Bracelet
* Ring
* Pin
* Cufflinks
* Tie tack or lapel pin
* Photo magnet
* Key Chain
* Christmas tree ornament
* Christmas garland

Decide what project you want to make. Collect your bottle caps as you use the bottles of soda, water, milk, juice, beer or any other household item. Rather than dispose of the bottle caps in the recycling can, wash them and place them in a bag designated for craft projects.

Depending on how you design your projects, you can show off your favorite product or hide the fact that the item ever began as a bottle cap. So use your imagination and take advantage or your jewelry making and crafts skills to turn your bottle caps into hand made, wearable or usable works of art.

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