Monday, November 22, 2010

Make an Ear Cuff

An ear cuff is a piece of jewear cuff jewlryelry for the ear that does not require piercing.  The ear cuff hugs the outer portion of the ear. Ear cuffs do   not require the use of findings-- pierced or clips.
Step 1

Gather the your tools and materials. You will need: 
--wire wrapping tools  
--20 gauge sterling silver or gold filled wire
--pencil or dowel
Step 2
Cut two and one half (2-1/2) inches 20 gauge surgical steel, sterling silver or gold filled wire with your wire cutters.cutting wire
Step 3
Finish the ends. You can create simple ends for your ear cuff jewelry by filing the ends smooth with a needle file, cup burr or wire rounder. You can create fancy ends for your ear cuff jewelry by burning the end of the wire until it creates a ball. If you chose to create a balled end then you will need to add an inch or two to your wire so that the wire with finished end is about two and one half (2-1/2) inches. See our tutorial How to Make a Ball Head Pin.
Step 4
Create a loop on either end of the wire with your needle nose pliers.
bent wireStep 5
Measure 3/4 of an inch from the end of one wire and create a "U" shaped bend using your needle nose pliers.
u shaped wireStep 6
Repeat on the other side of the wire.
Step 7
Wrap the formed wire around a pencil, pen, marker or other dowel into the shape you want for your ear cuff jewelry. You may need to hit the ear cuff jewelry gently with a raw hide or plastic mallet to form the ear cuff to your specifications.wrap around a pencil
Step 8
Test the ear cuff jewelry and adjust the size as needed.
Step 9
Place the ear cuff jewelry into a tumbler with stainless steel shot to harden the wire and prevent the ear cuff from becoming misshapen waterduring use.

Tips & Warnings
This design is for a very simple type of ear cuff jewelry. You can create your own design by adding wiggles or shapes to the wire. You can also change the look of your ear cuff jewelry by adding beaded drops.

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