Saturday, November 13, 2010

What to Do with Bottles

The holidays are fast approaching and gift gathering time is upon us. With the economy down and environmental sensitivity up, more and more folks are looking in their trash and recycling cans for materials to make treasured gifts. The glass in bottles make a great raw material.

Make the glass bottle into a lovely vase. Just cut the top off a used bottle using a tile saw, glass cutter or a string, file the edges until smooth and your new vase is ready to be wrapped as a gift or filled with flowers. Make the vase even more special by painting the glass.

Use the same technique to make small glass bottles into a set of drinking glasses.

If you have a kiln or a torch bottles are a great source for cheap glass. Melt the bottles into a tray or jewelry in your kiln. Melt the bottle into beads using a torch. Crush the wine bottle into frit and then use the frit in your kiln to cast glass. Here is how:

How to Melt Wine Bottles into a Bead
How to Melt Wine Bottles into a Cheese Tray
How to Melt Wine Bottles into Jewelry
How to Melt Wine Bottles for Lampwork

So save your bottles, upcycle and get ready for a creative, thrifty and environmentally sound holiday season.

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