Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Make your own Jewelry Tools

One of the most freeing lessons I learned in art school was from a professor who casually stated that "making your own tools to meet your needs is part of jewelry making."

Before that day, I had felt somewhat embarrassed and apologetic for my home made jewelry tools. Today some of my favorite jewelry tools are things that I borrowed from other parts of the house to use in jewelry making. Many of my students have enjoyed replicating some of my improvised jewelry tools. Here are some tutorials that you may enjoy:

How to Make Your Own Jewelry Jig
How to Make an Ear Wire Jig
How to Make Your Own Stand for Your Flex Shaft
How to Make Your Own Wire Wrapping Tool Kit
How to Store Beads
Make Your Own Wire Wrapping Tool Kit 

Here is a tutorial on how a block borrowed from my kids' toy box is used as a jewelry mandrel:
How to Make Hoop Earrings (with or without Beads)

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Davies said...

Hi there, it is quite difficult for make you own
jewelers tools. Sometimes tools that we use depends the design that we..It's kinda frustrated sometimes..