Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Make Crafts from Plastic Bottle Caps

Jewelry making supplies need not be expensive. You can find all kinds of materials in your recycling bin.  We drink a LOT of seltzer. One of our favorite ways to upcycle is to turn the plastic bottle caps into unique beads that can be used to create a variety of bottle cap crafts. Here is a list of tutorials explaining how to take plastic bottle caps and turn them into bottle cap jewelry:
How to Make a Necklace from Bottle Caps
How to Make Earrings from Bottle Caps

Bottle cap crafts are not limited to jewelry making. Here are some ways to upcycle your collection of plastic bottle caps into interesting crafts:

The possibilities are endless. So save those plastic bottle caps and start thinking about how you can repurpose your plastic bottle caps into unique bottle cap art.

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