Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Business Advice for Those Selling Hand Made Jewelry and Craft

Everyday we get asked questions about our business. What is it like to own a family business? How did you decide to set up your small business? How did you establish an online presence?

Here is some basic guidance on How to Start Up a Small Business  and how to undertake inexpensive marketing and advertising using Twitter.

These tutorials go over business concepts that jewelry and crafts people should consider when deciding whether or not to expand their business to sell wholesale or to consign goods to a gallery:
How to Sell to a Crafts Gallery
How to Write a Consignment Agreement with a Gallery
How to Evaluate a Consignment Agreement for Crafts 
How to Write a Sales Representative Agreement for Crafts 

These tutorials go over business concepts for crafts people selling hand made and art jewelry:
How to Sell Hand Crafted Jewelry Online

How to Write Money Making Descriptions for Your Online Jewelry Shop
How to Copyright a Jewelry Design
How to Save Money In Your Jewelry Craft Business
How to Refine Your Scrap Silver and Gold
How to Comply with the California Lead Containing Jewelry Law
How to Make a Jewelry Display from Shoe Racks
How to Refine Your Scrap Gold for Jewelry Making

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