Friday, December 17, 2010

How to Measure Drill Bits

So a question we get a lot is "what drill bit should I use for my project?"

It is a good question because the success or failure of many projects-- especially those that involve riveting-- depends on drilling the correct size hole for the wire or findings needed.

Drill Gauge
The best tool for determining the right jewelry drill bit size for the job is a drill bit gauge that measures small drill bits. For larger bits, you will need a larger gauge. Almost all the bits we use can be measured using the 1 to 60 drill bit gauge.

How to Use the Gauge
The gauge is easy to use. Take a piece of wire the size you plan to use for your project or the same size as your finding and slip it into the hole of the gauge that fits snug. The hole that fits is the exact size of the drill bit. If you are riveting, then you will want to use the same size bit as is the wire. If you are putting a wire through the hole as a finding, then you will want to use a drill bit that is larger than the wire so the finding can move freely when fed through the drilled hole.

Test the Drill Bit
Once you tested the wire, pick up the drill bit and slide it into the hole to be sure you have the correct size.

Mystery Bits
If you are like us, then you have a box that is filled with drill bits of different sizes. We often use the drill gauge to determine the size of mystery bits before we begin drilling.

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Happy  drilling!

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