Thursday, February 18, 2010

Polymer Clay Tips for a Snowy February!

We have been playing with polymer clay and we have new tutorials to share:

How to Soften Polymer Clay
How to Prevent Fingerprints on Polymer Clay
How to Roll Thin Translucent Sheets of Polymer Clay
How to Make Straight Holes in Polymer Clay Beads
How to Use Polymer Clay Molds
How to Create Polymer Clay Molds
How to Use Future Floor Wax on Polymer Clay
How to Make a Hand Drill from Polymer Clay
How to How Make Polymer Clay Buttons
How to Use a Water Slide Decal on Polymer Clay
How to Make a Polymer Clay Dreidel

So grab your favorite brand of polymer clay (we like Premo!), get out your old past machine (or search the yards sales until you have one you can devote to claying) and get ready to have fun. Polymer clay is a blast with the kids...but you do not need to wait until the kids are interested to start the fun. You can use polymer clay to make all sorts of beautiful art jewelry and to make innovative crafts you can use around the house, adorn yourself or give as gifts. So get claying. :)

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