Saturday, January 5, 2008

Beadique TM

Well, we did it again. Please visit Beadique on Etsy, featuring our unique gemstone beaded designs. Visit often. We plan to add items almost daily.

bead*ique TM

( P ) Pronunciation Key (bd-nk) adj. (1) Being the only one bead of its kind: that bead is beadique. (2) Without an equal or equivalent; unparalleled: her skill is beadique. (3) Characteristic of a particular type of hand made jewelry combining hand made beads and gem stones: that necklace is beadique. (4) Unusual; extraordinary: made with a beadique technique. (5) Descriptive of our unique jewelry.
bead•iquely adv.
bead•iqueness n.

Usage Note: Beadique is an absolute term. As such, it cannot be modified by an adverb of degree or a comparative adverb. Jewelry is either beadique or not beadique. It is, therefore, incorrect to say that something is very beadique or more beadique than something else. Our designs are, quite simply, beadique.

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