Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Make a Pendant Bail

Pendant by
Making your own pendant bails and other jewelry findings can add value to your jewelry and save you money. Simple pendant bails are easy to make and require only a few tools.

Wire looping pliers or round nose pliers
Wire cutter
Flex shaft and 15-gauge cup bur or wire rounder

Make 2 loops
"S" link with 2 loops
 Step 1
Use pliers to create an "S" link from 18-gauge brass wire but wrap two adjacent loops on one side of the link.

Step 2
Cut the excess wire. File the ends until smooth using a flex shaft and 15-gauge cup bur , if you have them. A less expensive alternative is to use either a wire rounder or a needle file.
Open loops

Step 3
Use your pliers to pry apart the two adjacent loops.

Step 4

Adjust bail
Open the lower jump ring and attach the bail to the pendant.

Adjust spacing as needed so the bail allows the pendant to hang evenly.

Open the lower jump ring and attach the bail to the pendant.

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